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The next few weeks as we go into lockdown, let’s take this opportunity to rest and work on family connections. Here are two books that will certainly help those long days. They encourage creativity and laughter and your brain gets a workout.

The Very Best one-minute mysteries & brain teasers {Book Review}

The Very Best One-Minute Mysteries and Brain Teasers is a collection of 80 fun mysteries that will test the players’ brains as they search for the answers to the winding word mysteries and perplexing picture puzzles. Every puzzle only needs one minute to read; then it’s up to you to solve. These mysteries may be enjoyed in a group or individually.  The clues in the back of the book would assist the player in sniffing out the answer.

What are One-Minutes Mysteries?

These short interactive mysteries are usually played in a group as an interactive game. You might know them as lateral thinking puzzles, or situation puzzles. Each puzzle describes an unusual scenario, and your job is to figure out what is going on. Although the puzzles may seem open-ended, the goal is to figure out the most satisfying answer, the one that suddenly appears when the lightbulb goes off in your head and you say, “Aha” (In other words, you’re looking for a solution that matches the one in the back of the book.) Each mystery takes less than a minute to read, and then you can take your time and enjoy the investigation process.

How Do I Solve Them?

These puzzles don’t generally provide you with enough information to find the solution, but you can fill in the gaps by asking yes-or-no questions. You’ll need one other person in order to enjoy the puzzles to the fullest, and the more people, the better! Choose one person to be the case master. This person reads a puzzle aloud and privately consults the answer in the back of the book. All other (or other one) players are the detectives. They take turns posing questions to the case master, who can respond by saying yes or no or something like “That doesn’t matter” or “Rephrase your question”. The case master provides clues from the back of the book as needed. The game is won when someone figures out the key to the solution.

Author: Sandy Silverthorne & John Warner. Publisher: Christian Art Publishers

The very Best one minute Mysteries is available from for R120.


Brain Snacks: Good-For-Your Soul Puzzles and Activities {Book Review}

Mind Delights & Brain Snacks is a collection of engaging activities to keep minds happy and healthy. Filled with perplexing puzzles, daunting dot-to-dots, and misleading mazes – all designed to give anyone’s cognitive skills an extra-special challenge. Mixed in between all the challenges are creative illustrations, beautiful pages to color in, and inspiring Scripture verses to replenish the spirit.

These puzzles and activities will help you unwind and relax, dwell on positive and uplifting thoughts, and sharpen important cognitive skills. Pull out those colouring pencils and make the most of your “me time” with this unique activity book.

Here are 5 benefits of colouring in for adults:

  • Lowers Stress and Anxiety levels
  • Helps you to focus on the present
  • Unplugging from technology promotes creation over consumption
  • You don’t have to be an artist to be creative
  • Perfect me-time activity

Author: Mary Eakin. Publisher: Christian Art Publishers

Available from for R129 each

*This review is in collaboration with Cum Books

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