Carter’s Bedroom Makeover

I’m so excited to finally share Carter’s Bedroom makeover and based on the hundreds of kisses I have received from this little guy, it’s safe to say he approves.

As I mentioned in Ethan’s Room Makeover my children have been sharing rooms since birth, so this is the first time they all have their own bedrooms. And really the purpose of why I’m sharing these makeovers is simply to encourage and inspire other parents to create bedrooms for their children where they can spend many happy hours of sleeping and playing – whether shared or not. My desire is to create an environment where my family can feel safe, happy, a space that encourages their creativity and where they can express themselves. Also, I love a good challenge and doing bedroom makeovers on a tight budget is highly satisfying, proving that any area can be transformed into a beautiful and personal space.

Boys are surprisingly passionate and specific about their personal space and both Ethan and Carter were quick to tell me whether they approved of my cool ideas or not.

To begin with, this room was challenging because this is the smallest bedroom in our house and I only had a budget of R1500 (Again, thanks to the sale of an old table). But I had a bed, an old school desk and a shelf.

I love a practical and easy style and one that can change easily as children grow older but I have learnt to ask my children for some input as well as think about their interests while planning their rooms.

The rest of our home is white and grey with black accents and I wanted to keep the flow through the rest of the house. I painted the shelf grey and a section of the wall on the side of the bed. I wanted to keep the bed white, and it really pops agains the grey background. By the way, finding the right grey is up there with finding the perfect dentist, gynaecologist and hairdresser. You stick with it! 🙂

Carter (4) was super specific and the brief was short, sweet and clear: dinosaurs, blue and a bit of red…. He knew what he wanted.

For me though this room had to check 2 very important boxes.

  • A Calming Space. He is a lively boy and I wanted this space to be calming and cosy.
  • A Large area to read and play. He loves to colour, play with cars, blocks and animals.

My favourite part was definitely shopping for the bedding, curtains and a rug. I fell in love with this dinosaur set and I couldn’t resist; It is a comforter, reversible and super soft. I decided to go with blue block out curtains and I did a little happy dance when I spotted the blue rug. A quick and easy shop and it cost exactly R1500! Once it was all done though, I realised that the curtains didn’t close all the way so I had to go back for one more drop, essentially going over budget by R399.99 but I loved the space so much that it was totally worth it.

The old school desk add a nostalgic charm and even though it is bulky, it has storage space and I’m finally happy to use something that’s been in storage for years 🙂

His toys and extra books are stored in his cupboard and easy enough to access when he wants to play.

Again, I did a lot of repurposing and used what we had around the home, like the wooden basket and dad’s first guitar. Making the space even more personal and special.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Please let me know if you did.

That’s 2 rooms down and two to go! I can’t wait to get started on Bethy’s room and to share it with you.

Until then, happy decorating.

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  1. Lani

    Ek love dit!! Hy kan in sy kamer in groei en dis maklik om net beddegoed te verander

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