Lane Family Update

Hello from the dusty building site also known as Pleasant Places! We are still in the thick of building and renovations but the good news is, we are almost done!

January started off with a bang (literally) as they knocked down the wall between our kitchen and lounge and we started with a huge renovation project.  Somehow in the midst of letting go of old spaces, walls, cupboards and our very old antique fireplace, I was letting go of old mindsets and ideas. What a freeing (but difficult) experience. 

We also have 3 kiddies at school now and I’m not going to lie, it’s been a rude awakening… This is next level parenting and I wasn’t ready for it.

Ethan started Grade 2 with huge enthusiasm and I’m happy to say he still feels that way. He is writing and reading with ease and he is eager to learn and grow. We have only been to the lost property once, and I forgot about library day once, so all in all a successful first few weeks. It’s not how to start but how you finish right?

Bethany is one happy chappy, loves her friends, loves her teacher and loves art and drama, she also loves the fact that she now has her own stationary bag which includes a scissor and already she has chopped off one of her braids and cut a hole in her new PE shirt.  But hey, those things add character and if anyone can pull off that look and still look cute, it’s Bethy.  In such a short time, she is reading sight words, doing homework and flourishing in her new environment. It makes my mommy heart so so happy. 

Carter starting school for the first time has been the biggest adjustment.  He didn’t separate easily and cried every day for 2 weeks, but today was a huge success as we had our first morning without tears.  I am so grateful because I was buying unhealthy amounts of suckers and it was just not sustainable.   But in the short time that he has been there he is singing songs, saying memory verses and talking non stop about his new friends…. It’s a relief and I’m excited to experience all his firsts at school.. birthday rings, sports days and concerts. 

Evan is enjoying more quiet moments with me and It’s really a special time together as I haven’t had much time alone with him, never mind teaching him the important things like colours and animal sounds.  We were recently invited by friends to Magaliespark and while we were playing at the water park he pointed to the statue of an Elephant, shouted Horse and then loudly said “MOOOOOOOO” I knew then that we had some work to do. 

That’s it from me, for now…. 

I love documenting our family’s adventures; the good, the bad and the funny 🙂 Thank you for following along!

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