Planning for 2020 Giveaway & Planner Review

I hate to admit it, but this year (can you believe it, there are ONLY 18 days left of the year!!) I was THAT mom. The one that forgot to send something for a project, we missed library day more than once and my child showed up at school wearing jeans and a t-shirt while everyone else was dressed in their traditional wear celebrating Heritage day…. Does it make me a bad mom, NO… but It does make me a disorganised mom. With my third child starting school next year I realise that there will be more library days, dress up days and projects to remember. Add work commitments, special projects, interests and social events: it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by it all.

It’s the end of the year and time to make those new year resolutions…so guess what’s mine? Being more intentional with my time, energy and resources and the only way I’m going to be able to do that is to be more organised.

This last year I tried to go paperless and only made use of an electronic calendar on my phone – that was my first mistake. I am a list maker. I was making lists on scraps of paper with every intention to update my electronic calendar and that just never happened. I NEED paper. I need a planner with plenty of space for notes, a place where I can list my priorities for the day, appointments and maybe a motivational quote or two to keep me on track. I’ve partnered with Christian Art Publishers to review some of their 2020 Planners, here are my top 5.

Daily Planner

  • Practical 12 month planner for weekly appointments and meetings.
  • 2020 Year planner
  • An encouraging scripture/quote per week
  • Space for notes and important telephone numbers at the back
  • List of Public Holidays
  • Wire bound

This is a small and compact planner, perfect for your handbag. Enough space for appointments, meetings and important dates.

My School Diary

  • Practical and fun daily planner for young learners
  • Encouraging scriptures/quotes
  • 2020 Calendar
  • List of tricky words and how to use them correctly
  • Goals page
  • A list of multiplication tables

This funky planner will encourage children to walk with God as they navigate school and after school activities. This will be great to teach your children how to plan their day and how to set their own goals for the year.

Hardcover Daily Planner for Woman

  • Year at a glance for 2020 and 2021
  • Month planners for 2020
  • Page a day
  • Space for daily appointments, priorities, notes and prayers
  • Encouraging Scriptures and quotes

Modern times demand more and more from the modern woman. This exquisitely designed planner will keep you organised.

Softcover Daily Planner

  • Year at a glance for 2020 and 2021
  • Month planners for 2020
  • Page a day
  • Space for daily appointments, priorities, notes and prayers
  • Encouraging Scriptures and quotes

A Beautifully designed planner that will make it easy for you to stay organised.

Executive Planner

  • Comprehensive 12 month planner for people with a busy lifestyle
  • Year Planner for 2020 and 2021
  • A scripture guide for encouragement
  • Space to record important dates and contact details
  • Monthly planner and budget page
  • Page a day
  • Encouraging scripture per day

This is a sophisticated and professional planner for a busy and demanding lifestyle. Great to keep you organised while on the go.

There are so many different styles and colours available, so do yourself a favour and head to your nearest CUM BOOKS store or check out http://www.cumbooks.co.za

Which one is your favourite? I’m giving away TWO planners, so comment on my last instagram post for a chance to win!

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  1. Jenna

    Love the executive and soft cover planners. I recently started making lists and feel so much more productive in doing so. Each tick helps me to feel like I’ve achieved for the day! That together with going back to work in January and taking on the new role of working mom means that plenty of space will be needed making the page a day a necessity. I live that there is a scripture guide or encouraging scriptures and quotes because in the business of all things I find myself needing to sometimes be reminded to look to God for my strength and what a perfect encouragement and reminder. Thanks for the post my friend xxx

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