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Teaching your children to PRAY

What an incredible privilege to know I can go to my Father with anything. Whether I’m worried, stressed, overwhelmed, happy, asking for forgiveness or simply needing to hear Him say ‘I love you’ and enjoy His presence – I can do that at any time through prayer. Naturally, I want that for my children too. I want them to have the same confidence that they can speak to God all the time and about anything. Prayer is a spiritual discipline and helping your child develop a daily prayer life is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give.

Children are great natural learners and they learn best through imitation but sometimes we need to be more intentional about teaching our children how to pray. Make it a priority to teach your children to pray confidently.

Here are some practical ways:

  1. Pray for your children to have a desire for Prayer.
  2. Model prayer; Share testimonies with them of God answering your prayers.
  3. Pray with them; Before bed time. When you drop them off at school.
  4. Encourage them to pray for situations and people; especially if they show concern.
  5. Make prayer spontaneous, natural and comfortable; this will encourage them to pray whenever and wherever. Teaching them that prayer is about a relationship with a loving God.
  6. Read books that will encourage prayer.

We recently received this beautiful Book and it soon became a favourite in our home, here’s why:

A Child’s Book of Prayers {Review}

A Child’s Book of prayers is a beautifully illustrated collection of prayers that will encourage children to simply talk to God.

It combines prayers of praise and thanksgiving. The prayers are arranged by theme and an index is included at the back for easy reference. Some prayers may be used by parents praying for their children, while others can be shared with children or prayed by older children to themselves.

Why we loved this book:

  • Beautiful illustrations.
  • Easy enough for young readers to read independently.
  • This is a great book as part of a bed-time routine or morning devotions.
  • Some very good questions were asked as I read some of the prayers; encourages discussion.
  • It teaches children how to pray for themselves and others.
  • It encourages children that prayer is simply talking to God.

Author: Sally Ann Wright. Illustrator: Honor Ayres. Christian Art Publishers

A Child’s Book of Prayers is available from for R169. Also available in Afrikaans.

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  1. Lusanda Dhlamini

    Awesome read and wisdom for us moms!

  2. Sandy

    So good to teach them from young how to have a relationship with their heavenly Father!

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