The Chat… Birds, Bees and Destinies {Book Review}

Talking to our kids about sex should not just be one awkward conversation we gear ourselves up for. Rather we need to see it as an amazing opportunity to build into the lives of our kids and equip them for the future.

Talking to our children about sex is not easy for many of us. Even though the process of talking about sexuality starts at a very young age as we incorporate the “proper” names for genitals during bath time, taking the step to sit your child down to have ‘the chat’ can be a daunting time. Resources like these are great at helping us as parents to start the conversation and can be used as a tool in our ongoing dialogue around sexuality. The author Christy wrote this book for children aged 6-9. In her experience this is the best window of opportunity to have ‘the chat’.

What I loved about this book:

  • Beautiful illustrations. Love the diversity represented
  • 10 GREAT tips for parents/caregivers
  • Great questions to encourage conversation with your child
  • It explains the actual mechanics of sex in a beautiful way
  • Technical terms are laid out in the back of the book

The Chat: Birds, Bees and Destinies is a book about where babies come from and how they got there. Tackling topics like love, sex, conception and birth. This book celebrates the wonder and purpose of life. Complete with Glossary and Tips for Parents and Caregivers, this book is a great tool to help you and your child navigate sexuality in a healthy, life-giving way.

Also available in Afrikaans: Bytjies, Blommetjies en Kosbare Lewens. Price: Between R120-R150

Author: Christy Herselman. Illustrator: Cristy Zinn. Publisher: Struik Christian Media

Available from online booksellers and leading bookshops nationwide.

*This review is in collaboration with Struik Christian Media

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